Ask Us

Do you sell direct?
We sell our products through reputable dealers throughout the United States and Canada. We think it's best to be able to source our products straight to the dealers who will be able to help you manage your pool and your pool products.
Can your products be installed on above-ground pools?
In accordance with ANSI/NSPI standards, our products are not suitable for use with above ground pools.
How can I find a dealer in my area?
Easy! Use our Dealer Locator tool on our website to find the nearest dealer. In addition, dealers with certified installers will be listed with a yellow star next to their name.
How much are your products?
The best way to obtain true pricing is to work directly with your local dealer.
Who has your products on display?
Each dealer carries products that are most suitable for his/her region, so the products that each dealer will carry may vary. Many dealers have one or more of our most popular products on display, so you may be able see a product you are interested in by phoning your local dealer.
Where can I see color samples?
We have product color samples on display on each product page of our website. In addition, your local dealer may have physical color samples available for you to view in their showroom. Reference our color samples page HERE.
Where do the slides get their water from?
The majority of our slides are installed when the pool is built, so the water stub-up (water source) is plumbed to the correct location at the time of the pool build.

If you have purchased a slide after the pool build, you may be able to add the water source stub-up after the fact. Consult with your local installer to see if your pool project is feasible. Reference our water stub-up video HERE .

What is the warranty on your products?
The warranty period varies between our product lines, and can range from 1 to 3 years. Reference our warranty page HERE.
What are the weight limits on your products?
The weight limits for specific products vary. Check the installation manual for specific weight limit information for the product in which you are interested in.
Where can I find specs on your products?
Product specs can be found in the product installation manuals. In addition, many product measurements can be found in our Technical Guide which can be downloaded HERE.