Pool Diving Boards

Diving Board, Swimming Pool Diving Boards

We manufacture a complete line of swimming pool diving boards that will make the kids happy and match your backyard d├ęcor beautifully. Check out our full line of diving boards and diving stands, which are available in a variety of colors that will coordinate perfectly with other Inter-Fab products.

The T7 Diving System, as well as the La Mesa Base or Edgestone Diving Base paired with our new Duro-Beam aquaBoard, are among our most popular diving stands that feature tip-end diving board waterfall options. Use the diving board for family fun and entertainment during the day, and use the optional lighted pool waterfall for rest and relaxation at night!

Active Diving Bases

Spring is derived from the diving base, not the board. For users who desire more pronounced spring action.

Passive Diving Bases

Spring is derived from the diving board, not the base. For pool owners who want a diving board, but desire less pronounced spring action.


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