TPC ... Thermo Plastic Coating

It's New ...  It's Better ...  It's Amazing

Independent lab results show that Inter-Fab's new TPC coating, when compared to traditional Powder Coating has:
  • increased resistance to abrasion by 450%
  • Increased resistance to Salt Spray
  • Increased resistance to corrosion
  • Increased resistance to chipping
  • Textured Coating helps maintain a good grip even when wet
  • Excellent resistance to harmful UV so colors stay bright and fresh
If that were not enough ... they come in 3 attractive textured finishes ... they  look beautiful, feel great and are cooler to the touch than uncoated stainless steel. Encapsulation locks out rust helping your new pool rail or ladder resist corrosion and maintain its beauty

3 New Colors

Thermo Plastic Coating (TPC)


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