Build Your Own Slide™

The BYOS™ and BYOS 2™ slides offer custom designed slide solutions for your custom backyard designs. With the help of our CAD department, you can incorporate a one-of-a-kind slide to incorporate into your backyard design theme. The Zoom Flume™ water delivery system is the best water delivery system in the industry to provide the best slide ride you can get!

  BYOS 1   BYOS 2
Weight Limit 250 LBS 350 LBS
Water Delivery Single Double
Sono Tube 24" 18"
Residential Yes Yes
Commercial No Yes
Inside Width 18.75" 24.125"
Flume Depth 10" 15"
Degree of Wedge 15° & 30° 20°
Handrails Optional Yes (Powder Coated)
Colors 10 10
Stainless Steel Anchors Yes Yes




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